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Posted: 2020/09/02
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Turning a New Page

Posted: 2020/08/31

Dear SteinerBooks community,

A year and a half ago the SteinerBooks board chose Kathy Donchak to take over as CEO to replace Gene Gollogly, who was retiring. Kathy brought many excellent new impulses to SteinerBooks, including the SteinerBooks Sunday Letter. The staff in the Berkshires and the entire board are grateful to Kathy for the energy and creativity she has brought to SteinerBooks. 

Kathy has now decided to move on to other projects, some of which are connected to SteinerBooks and anthroposophy. We hope to remain in contact and collaboration with her. 

The board has decided not to hire a new CEO immediately but instead to empower the staff to work collegially as a team. The Berkshire/ New York based SteinerBooks team of John Scott Legg, Stephan O'Reilly, Mary Giddens, and Jens Jensen collectively have decades of experience in anthroposophical publishing. The board is also committed to taking a more active role and participating as volunteers and advisors.

Our core mission remains the same, and it is twofold: to make the work of Rudolf Steiner available to the English-speaking world and to publish high quality new books by authors who are inspired by or working within anthroposophy. 

We are always looking for new books on Waldorf education and parenting, biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine, and anthroposophy. We hope to build an engaged reader community and are interested in hearing from you about what type of books you are looking for. 

The Sunday newsletters will continue, and will be written by staff as well as by authors and friends of the Press. We have several new projects underway, including continuing to improve and upgrade the website. To begin, we have made it easy and efficient to order books directly from SteinerBooks. Click here to browse our books.

Please stay in touch and stay connected.

Sincerely yours,
Wendy Ractliffe, Board Chair

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Where to Buy Our Books

Posted: 2020/07/03   Source: SteinerBooks
Ways to Find and Buy Our Books

It is with gratitude that we share the overwhelming requests to make more of our books available globally. In addition to buying books on this site, our books are also available through numerous other retail and wholesale distributors. We are continuing our efforts to make our site more user-friendly and with more purchasing options for our readers and resellers. Our Virginia warehouse also remains available for direct retail and wholesale orders in the US and Canada.

US Booksellers and Distribors

Barnes and Noble

Bella Luna Toys

A Child’s Dream

Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children’s Shop

Enlightened Shelf (online US and Canada)

Josephine Porter Institute

Meadowsweet Naturals

Rudolf Steiner Bookstore New York

Waldorf Books: The Original Independent Waldorf Bookstore

Canadian Booksellers and Distribors

Banyen Books & Sound

Paper Pipit

Tri Fold Books - Distributor

UK Booksellers and Distribors

Book Depository: Free International Delivery

Floris Books

Rudolf Steiner Press

Australian Booksellers and Distributors

Book Depository: Free International Delivery

Rudolf Steiner Book Centre

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