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Parenting with Values

As parents, what do we need to give our children so that they grow up to be, well-balanced and resilient adults? Parenting tutor and mother of two Christiane Kutik tells us that, above all, children need their parents to give them strong values to help them find their way in life.  Many of us consider values to be an old-fashioned concept but Kutik suggests that by fostering twelve vital values, ...
9781782504825 Paperback
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 - Release: 05/15/2018

Stress-Free Parenting in 12 Steps

When a child is born, parents feel on top of the world, but stress and exhaustion frequently take over before long and fray parents’ nerves. In this concise, practical book, Christiane Kutik highlights twelve simple steps for bringing a measure of peace, composure, and enjoyment back to daily family life. She bases her approach on providing a solid underlying structure for family life, which ...
9780863157622 Paperback
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 - Release: 11/01/2010