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Concerning the Astral World and Devachan

Notes from 19 lectures and 4 private lessons, Berlin, 1903–1904 (CW 88) In Berlin, just past the turn of the twentieth century, Rudolf Steiner, then a relatively unknown writer, educator, and editor, first began his spiritual teaching activity under the auspices of the Theosophical Society. The gatherings at this time were small, often being held in private homes, and therefore, in terms of size ...
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 - Release: 09/01/2018

Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery

7 lectures, Dornach, January 4–13, 1918 (CW 180); 1 lecture, December 24, 1920 (CW 202) β€œIn this series of lectures, Rudolf Steiner repeatedly challenges us to awaken a new way of thinking that can truly penetrate into the social questions surrounding us. As he so often did, Steiner emphasizes how Spiritual Science can, indeed must, address the pressing issues of the day. It might seem strange ...
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 - Release: 05/21/2018