Over the Hills and Far Away

Stories of Dwarfs, Fairies, Gnomes, and Elves from around Europe

Over the Hills and Far Away
Daniela Drescher Illustrated by
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This is an exciting new edition of a classic storybook anthology, illustrated for the first time in colour by bestselling author Daniela Drescher. 

The book is a collection of forty stories from around Europe about gnomes, dwarfs, leprechauns, fairies and little folk. The stories come from Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, England, Flanders and Scandinavia.

(Ages 6–10)

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Table of Contents

A Word About Dwarfs 
The Venetians, Switzerland 
The Dwarf Baptism, Switzerland 
The Song of the Gnomes, Switzerland 
The Dwarf Who Was Refused Shelter, Switzerland 
The Gnome's Gifts, Switzerland 
The Griffin-bird, Switzerland 
Thw Mountain-gnome's Warning, Switzerland 
The Maid and the Kobolds, Switzerland 
The Mountian with Golden Feet, Austria 
Kate Crackernuts, England 
The Dwarfs of Grindlewald, Switzerland 
Tom-Tit-Tot, England 
The Grateful Dwarf, Switzerland 
The Helpful Mountain-gnome, Switzerland 
The Hired Cow, Switzerland 
David Wright and the Faires, Scotland 
The Goatherd of Kloster, Switzerland 
The Little One, Scotland 
The Field of Boliauns, Ireland 
The Punishment of the Mountain-gnome, Austria 
The Herd-boy, Sweden 
Luran and the Faries, Scotland 
The Green Glass Bottle, Ireland 
The Farmer and the Fairy Hillock, Scotland 
The Brownie of Rothiemurchus, Scotland 
The Blacksmith's Apprentice, Flanders 
The Magic Lamp, Flanders 
The Smith and the Grateful Dwarf, Flanders 
The Wigmaker and the Dwarfs, Flanders 
The White Dove, Germany 
The Long Nose, Germany 
Hurleburlebutz, Germany 
Thw White Wolf, Germany 
The Little Old Man, Germany 
Jack and his Little Flute, Germany 
Dream-Hänsel, Germany 
The Little Man of the Chest, Germany 
The Gifts of the Little Folk, Germany 
The Wicked Dwarf, Spain


“This is one of those delightful books from the Scottish publisher Floris, whose stories and drawings are so appealing. The mystical tales covers all the seasons.” —Vermont Country Sampler, May 2017 

“This book is illustrated throughout with beautiful, colorful pictures by Daniela Drescher that have much of interest in them and are a real delight to linger over and discuss with the young reader.... I thoroughly recommend this lovely book, which I think would be enjoyed by children of all ages.” —Rosemary UsselmanNew View, summer 2010 

“The stories vary in length and complexity, but all of them fascinate. This is a handsome resource for sharing and for independent readers to enjoy on their own.” —Books for Keeps, July 2010 

“Daniela Drescher has a sense of color and balance in her delicate, almost dreamlike illustrations that make you want to linger over them...well suited to the armchair snuggle with a wealth of lovely stories to share.” —Yvonne CoppardCarousel, autumn/winter 2010

Author Bio

Daniela Drescher was born in Munich and trained in art therapy. She is the author and illustrator of more than twenty books for children, which are now available in several languages. Her best known books include In the Land of Fairies, In the Land of Elves, In the Land of Merfolk, What's Hiding in There?, the Little Fairy stories, and the Pippa and Pelle stories (all Floris Books).