Alison's Gift

The Song of a Thousand Hearts Opening

Alison's Gift
Pat Hogan By (author)
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From the Author:

This book is a product of the inspiration I had after experiencing the events of Alison Sanders' life and death. I was moved by the beauty and depth of my experience at her crossing from this world, an experience that was shared by many. Since that unique experience, I have come to see that many people through their deaths teach those of us who remain behind.

I would like to believe that there could be a magical quality to our lives and to the difficulties that we experience. I am convinced that there are deeper qualities that stand side by side our mundane lives. Some of us seek these qualities out and sometimes these qualities come for us- often in a guise that we do not recognize.

In Alison's Gift: The Song of a Thousand Hearts Opening, there are events that strike at our very faith in life. No one would choose these events, in the same way that we would not choose to have our lives challenged beyond our ability to cope. Yet, a mother's heart brought forth an opportunity for the light of love to shine in the darkness of loss for a family and community.

The people who I have written about in this book are real heroes. They are heroes not because of what they were able to conquer, but because of what they were able to endure. Then, through willpower and perseverance, they created many positive legacies, transforming tragedy into a tool for improving life and helping others.

Ultimately, I have sought to portray the universal qualities beyond the specific events described. I believe that the magic that each of us desires is as close to us as the losses and gains of our ordinary lives. For whatever reason, sometimes it the most dramatic experiences that bring this into focus.

I hope that you find joy here, feel some magic in these pages and experience the exquisite beauty that inspired me to write this story. My prayer is that Alison's gifts of courage, selflessness and love will help each of us to bring forth the heart of the hero that lives within.

Author Bio

Pat Hogan graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Psychology and has done research in the field of consciousness for 20 years. He also works as a freelance writer. His Irish ancestry has given him a penchant for telling a story and finding beauty in simplicity.