The Light (La Luce)

An Introduction to Creative Imagination

The Light (La Luce)

The Light (La Luce)

By  Massimo Scaligero
Eric Bisbocci

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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

“We must think with clarity. Clarity is honesty born into thinking.” —Massimo Scaligero

Here is a classic of contemporary spirituality. Scaligero was a student of Zen, yoga, and the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner—but he came to completely independent conclusions based on his direct spiritual experience.

Scaligero’s masterpiece is a continuous, unfolding meditation, and an immediate expression of his travels in higher realms. It shows how the primal principle, the source of all being—knowing and love—descends instant by instant into the phenomenal world. He writes from the very stream of being, into which his work invites us, and poses a challenge: will we learn to experience the processes of consciousness, or will we rest in their products?

As with the texts of all true spiritual masters, Scaligero’s words must be savored and contemplated in order to extract the nectar of wisdom contained in them.


Darkness: The Leaven of Light
Thinking: The Light of the Earth
Forces of Opposition: Mediums
Metaphysical Warmth
The Life of Light: Freedom
Sense-Free Thinking
Meditation As a Path to Creative Imagination
The “Activity of Thinking”
Dialectics and Spiritual Science
The Magical Will: The “Void”
The Threshold
The Resurrection of LIght

MASSIMO SCALIGERO (1906 –1980) was born Antonio Sgabelloni in Veroli (Frosinone), Italy. He was a spiritual master who drank deeply from both Western and Eastern traditions. By direct experience, he was equally at home with Western philosophy and psychology, Western esotericism (Rosicrucianism, Templarism, and Anthroposophy), and Eastern meditative practices (Zen and Tibetan Buddhism). He wrote numerous books, including (translated into English) The Light (La Luce): An Introduction to Creative Imagination (2001); The Secrets of Space and Time (2013); A Treatise on Living Thinking: A Path beyond Western Philosophy, beyond Yoga, beyond Zen (2014); A Practical Manual of Meditation (2015); and The Logic against Humanity: The Myth of Science and the Path of Thinking (2017); as well as several works.


Eric Bisbocci has traveled to more than eighty countries in his life, experiencing their cultures and spiritual manifestations. As well as having studied Anthroposophy for more than thirty-five years, he received an advanced degree in Romance Languages with a focus on Italian literature. He has translated several books by the Italian anthroposophist, Massimo Scaligero. His first book is on the esoteric nature of Dante’s Divine Comedy and its relationship to Anthroposophy and reflects his lifelong passion for Dantean thought.