Sacred Agriculture

The Alchemy of Biodynamics

Sacred Agriculture
Dennis Klocek By (author)
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TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Agriculture / Sustainable Agriculture


Dennis Klocek explores the essence of biodynamic agriculture, in particular the nature of inner development needed to utilize such methods effectively. He tells us that biodynamics requires constant self-development and an intimate knowledge of and relationship with the plants, animals, weather, earth, the preparations and much more.

Based on numerous lectures presented to serious biodynamic gardeners, farmers, and winemakers, the author presents his views within a structure of Goethean observation, alchemical language, and the classic four elements, all based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and other pioneers in this field, as well as his own many years of interest in biodynamic methods, both conceptual and practical.

This is not a book of recipes and how-to techniques, but a guidebook to the inner means of working with the elemental nature of the earth, showing ways to read in nature what is needed.

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1. Introduction: A Historical Survey of Agricultural Focus, from Prehistory to Contemporary Times
2. Transformation of Substances
3. Macro and Micro in Biodynamics
4. Alchemy and Chemistry: Basic Principles
5. Clay
6. Silica: The Genie in the Bottle
7. Valerian

Author Bio

Dennis Klocek, MFA, has been an art teacher and is director of the Consciousness Studies Program at Rudolf Steiner College. He is a researcher of weather phenomena with a web site at www.docweather.com, and he has created an institute for creating dialogue among those committed to social change