The Veiled Pulse of Time

An Introduction to Biographical Cycles and Destiny

The Veiled Pulse of Time

By:  Bryant, William A.

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PSYCHOLOGY / Developmental / Lifespan Development

“What am I? I am my life. All my life is my Time.” —Maurice Nicoll, Living Time

Our biography is our most precious, intimate possession, yet how much do we really know about ourselves? With a little work, we can discover in the unfolding of our biography the traces of a marvelous, cosmic patterning—the cycles of our life. The seven-year cycle converts experience into psychological faculties; the twelve-year cycle marks the way changing self-awareness of the personality is translated into our life’s work; the thirty-year cycle marks a major turning point in life.

The Veiled Pulse of Time explores these cycles, as well as questions of freedom and destiny, transformation, reincarnation, and karma.

C O N T E N T S:


1 Rhythms and Cycles
2 The Sacred Seven
3 the Chronos Cycle
4 The Jupiter Cycle
5 Fate, Freedom, and Destiny
6 The Seasons of Immortality

Background Reading

“Bryant writes with force and beauty. His deep insights into the elements of rhythm, the “time body,” and the cycles in human life, combined with examples from biographies as diverse as Nehru, Marilyn Monroe, and Leo Tolstoy, make for a book that cannot be put down until finished. An invaluable work for counselors, educators, and those who wonder about their destiny.”  Robert Sardello, PhD, author of Facing the World with Soul

William A. Bryant, born and raised in the West Country of England, has devoted his professional life to Waldorf education in South Africa, Europe, and the United States as a teacher of children and adults.