A Psychology of Human Dignity

A Psychology of Human Dignity
Ad Dekkers By (author)
William Bento Foreword by
Ed O'Sullivan Translated by
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Originally published in the Netherlands in 2011, this book is the result of a life's work devoted to developing the craft of psychotherapy in a way that leaves the therapist's and the client's own responsibilities intact and that stimulates a direct, open, and honest link with day-to-day reality.

From his deep commitment to raising the consciousness of both therapists and clients regarding the profound relevance of the larger world situation we find ourselves in (history), as well as one's own current stage of life, Ad Dekkers has spent the past thirty years developing a battery of detailed, yet flexible, psychotherapeutic exercises. These organically developed exercises, useful and stimulating for both the practitioner and the general reader, constitute the core of this book.

Although written with practicing psychotherapists in mind, anyone interested in the history of the twentieth century or the biographical stages of human life will be rewarded here with a singular and caring picture of the human experience in our time.


Foreword by William Bento, PhD

1. Perception, Memory, and More
2. Phases of Life: The Focus on Development
3. The Impact of History: The Generations as a Conduit
4. The Self-Aware “I”

This book is a translation from Dutch of Psychotherapie van de menselijke waardigheid (Christofoor, 2011).

Author Bio

Ad Dekkers is an experienced anthroposophic psychotherapist. His specialist areas include psychotherapy for cult victims and the development of new methods of training in anthroposophic psychotherapy as expressed in A Psychology of Human Dignity, which has been published in several languages. He is president of the International Federation of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Associations and the co-International Coordinator of Psychotherapy in the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science, subsection Psychotherapy, at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. He originally trained with Bernard Lievegoed and has himself trained practitioners in anthroposophic psychotherapy in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Israel, Brazil, Great Britain, Argentina, Russia, Chile, and India.

William Bento, PhD, worked in the field of human development for more than thirty years. He was a recognized pioneer and a published author in psychosophy (soul wisdom) and astrosophy (star wisdom), and traveled extensively as a speaker, teacher, and consultant. Dr. Bento was the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, and worked as a transpersonal clinical psychologist at the Center for Living Health in Gold River, California. He also guided social therapy seminars for Camphill Communities for more than twenty years. Dr. Bento was also the author of Holy Nights Journal and Meditation Cards & Booklet on the Eightfold Path and a frequent contributor to Journal for Star Wisdom. He died June 5, 2015.