Childhood Illnesses and Immunizations

Anthroposophic Ideas to Ensure the Wellbeing of Our Children in This Digital Age

Childhood Illnesses and Immunizations

Childhood Illnesses and Immunizations

By  Ross Rentea
Mark Kamsler
Andrea Rentea

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MEDICAL / Immunology
MEDICAL / Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Based on the authors’ many years of medical experience in the “trenches,” this book offers new ways of looking at the complex topic of childhood illnesses and immunizations. Essential information is presented from an anthroposophic point of view:

∞  Childhood Illnesses: their fundamental characteristics and meaning
∞  Immunization Information: benefits and dangers
∞  Remedies (more than 100!): immunizations and the general wellbeing of children
∞  Anthroposophic Medicine: essential concepts
∞  Spiritualized Education: Why is it so essential in relation to immunizations?
∞  Rudolf Steiner’s Texts: comprehensive selection on immunizations and childhood illnesses
∞  Basic Immunology: combining natural and spiritual scientific insights

“This book, a highly researched yet accessible body of work, explains how current influences, primarily immunizations, infiltrate the child’s organism and make growing up more difficult. The book, however, then also offers many practical ways to overcome those hurdles. Supporting the health of the developing child with anthroposophic education and anthroposophic medicine will thus ‘soften’ the blow to the archetypical, desired development. The authors show dedication, integrity and clarity throughout the book.” Mary Jo Oresti, MA, Educational Support Program, Detroit Waldorf School and Director and founding member of the Teacher Educational Support Program, an international

Ross Rentea, MD, has been a practicing family physician in Chicago since the early 1970s. He specializes in anthroposophic, holistic, and natural medicine, treating both chronic and acute illnesses with anthroposophic remedies, supplements, and disease-specific topical applications. He and his wife Andrea Rentea, MD, opened The Paulina Medical Clinic in Chicago in 1983, which enjoys an international reputation. The clinic offers comprehensive medical evaluations, chelation therapy, treatment with bio-identical hormones, advanced nutritional testing and nutritional advice, life style coaching, and therapeutic eurythmy. 


Mark Kamsler, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician and has been caring for his patients since the early 1990s through anthroposophic, holistic, and natural medicine. He enjoys a reputation among both local and out-of-state patients who consult with him on their health problems. He is experienced in comprehensive medical evaluations, complete pediatric care, advanced nutritional testing and advice, life-style coaching, eurythmy, and more. Dr. Kamsler is well known and sought after for his management of children’scomplex medical problems. He emphasizes a comprehensive body–mind approach best summarized asanthroposophic medicine, the most complete form of complementary/alternative medicine available.


Dr. Andrea Rentea has been a practicing Family Physician in Chicago since the early 1970s. She specializes in anthroposophic, holistic, and natural medicine, treating, whenever possible, chronic and acute illnesses with natural remedies. She is well known for her expertise in the treatment of female illnesses and pediatrics. Outside the medical practice she is a consultant for health issues at several independent Waldorf schools for children with special behavioral or learning difficulties. In 1983, Dr. Rentea and her husband, Ross Rentea, MD, opened the internationally respected Paulina Medical Clinic in Chicago. Both doctors emphasize a comprehensive body and mind approach best summarized under the term anthroposophic medicine, the most complete form of complementary/alternative medicine available.