Managing Screen Time

Raising Balanced Children in the Digital Age

Managing Screen Time
Edmond Schoorel By (author)
Eduard van der Maas Translated by
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Screens and digital devices are everywhere in our modern world and it's becoming increasingly common for even very young children to regularly use tablets and smart phones. Many parents struggle to know what's best for their children.

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons, to help parents make their own choices. It explores the health effects of screen time as well as the benefits of new technology and the implications for education.

Much writing on this subject is one-sided and dogmatic. This thought-provoking book is not designed to make parents feel guilty, but to empower them to find their own balance.

C O N T E N T S:


1. How Digital Media Are Changing the World
2. How Digital Media Are Changing Us
3. Underlying Interests of the Digital World
4. How Digital Media Are Changing Parenting
5. Images
6. Art
7. Play
8. Genuine vs. Virtual
9. Anti-parenting
10. Surveying the Landscape
11. Practical Advice for Parenting in the Digital World



β€œIt's a long time since I have found a book which is not only a fascinating read, but one which is very parent friendly, and not at all dogmatic.”—Kindling

Author Bio

Edmond Schoorel, born in 1947 in Indonesia, is a pediatrician in The Netherlands. He treats children in a community hospital and in his own practice, working with a child psychiatrist and other therapists, all of whom follow an anthroposophic approach. Dr. Schoorel has a special interest in the interaction in child development between what comes from the environment, what comes from heredity, and what comes from individual children themselves.