The Animals Are Our Brothers and Sisters

Why Animal Experiments are Misleading and Wrong: Responsible Medicine Based on a Spiritual View of Creation

The Animals Are Our Brothers and Sisters
Werner Hartinger By (author)
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NATURE / Animal Rights


“The animals are as much God’s children as we are, so they are our brothers and sisters.”—St. Francis of Assisi

Respected surgeon and medical doctor Werner Hartinger investigates the claims and counterclaims concerning experimentation on animals. Through meticulous analysis he comes to the conclusion that animal experiments are not only unnecessary, but that the experiments themselves are questionable and lead to meaningless results. The cruelty imposed upon animals is therefore not only gratuitous, he states, but is unhelpful in the development of good medicine for human beings.

Hartinger writes from many years’ experience within the medical profession, and with ample scientific data to back his findings. He also tackles the spiritual aspect of this question, inspired by the work of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Painting on a vast canvas, he demonstrates the sibling relationship between humans and animals in the context of cosmic and spiritual evolution. The author gives a commentary on Christian teachings regarding animals, examining the biblical commandments. He also studies the varieties of diseases and their causes, and the hidden aspects of sickness and health.


PART ONE: Why Animals Experiments are Misleading and Wrong
1. No Cruelty to Animals Means Better Medicine for Huumans
2. Questionable Experiments and Laws
3. Meaningless Test Results
4. Animal Expeiments Are not Necessary
5. The Responsibility of the Medical Profession
6. Christian Teachings Concerning Animals
7. Oriental Influences in the Sciences
8. The Variety of Diseases and their Causes

PART TWO: Responsible Medicine Based on a Spiritual View of Creation
9. Our Evolutionary Sibling Relationship with the Animals
10. The Cosmic Evolution of Spiritual and Human Beings
11. Spiritual and PHysical Differences between Humans and Animals
12. Understanding the Biblical Commandments
13. Hidden Aspects of Sickness and Health

Author Bio

Werner Hartinger, M.D., was a specialist in general and accident surgery and a practitioner for the Industrial Injuries Insurance Institutes, with more than thirty years of experience in hospital and private practice. He held degrees in internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, and anesthetics, and was the chairman of the German League of Doctors against Animal Experiments, as well as a patron of Doctors in Britain against Animal Experiments. He died in 2000.