Re-Imagining America

Finding Hope in Difficult Times

Re-Imagining America
Eric Utne Foreword by
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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Social Theory


Christopher Schaefer analyzes the “long emergency” that is destroying the Earth and human wellbeing. He suggests a practical vision of social change and personal growth for finding hope in difficult times.

The book offers alternative, radical ideas for social reform and tackling inequality, providing an account of how American economic and political elites have undermined democracy and drastically weakened the U.S. while causing untold suffering in the Middle East and around the world. The author shows how we can make a lasting difference. The seeds of practical hope are nurtured for navigating chaos and for countering fear. He also suggests what we can do to re-imagine America as, “the promise of a new beginning.”

Christopher Schaefer calls for a new covenant between the American people and its government—one that engages both conservatives and progressives.

C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by Eric Utne
Preface by Steve Briault

Part I: Being a Witness of Our Times
1. Witnessing the Long Emergency

Part II: the American Empire Project
2. The Will to Power: The American Empire Project
3. Disturbing Questions about 9/11 and the War on Terror

Part III: The Crisis of Western Capitalism
4. The Crisis of Western Capitalism
5. Reflections on the Global Economic Crisis and What to Do About it
6. Common-sense Outrage: Move Your Money Now!
7. Toxic Excess: Income Inequalities and the Fundamental Social Law

Part IV: Looking for Hope in Difficult Times
8. Navigating Chaos in the Age of Trump: A Call for Discernment
9. Looking for Hope in Difficult Times
10. The Pattern and Ideology of Oppression
11. Facing Ourselves: The Work of Reconnection
12. Re-imagining America: Building Communities of Conscience


Author Bio

Christopher Schaefer, Ph.D., is a founding member of the Social Science Section of the Goetheanum School of Spiritual Science in North America, a faculty member at Sunbridge College, and Director of the Waldorf School Administration and Community Development program. He is also an organization development consultant, and the Executive Director of High Tor Alliance.
Eric Utne is founder and editor in chief of Utne Reader magazine. He spent more than five years away from Utne, mostly as a parent, volunteer, and 7th and 8th grade class teacher at an urban elementary Waldorf school. He considers himself completely clueless about nature and figured there must be others who could use an updated, 21st century, urban almanac. He is the author of Y2K: A Citizen's Action Guide.