Kaspar Hauser, Child of Europe

An Artistic and Contemplative Approach to an Enduring Enigma

Kaspar Hauser, Child of Europe
Eckart Böhmer By (author)
Richard Steel Translated by
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“From time to time in the history of humanity, extraordinary individualities appear, carrying with them great tasks which are difficult to assess. Through this lens, the events around Kaspar Hauser (1812–1833) can be seen as signposts to one of the most important mysteries of modern times, which will radiate far into the future. Kaspar’s appearance and the essence of his being are deeply connected with the question of the identity of the human being itself” (from the foreword).

This book offers a unique, creative approach to the mystery of Kaspar Hauser – the teenage boy who was found abandoned on the streets of Nuremberg, barely able to walk, speak or write. Introducing the subject with a historical overview, Eckart Böhmer goes on to offer multiple artistic approaches to comprehending the enigma of Kaspar Hauser’s brief and tragic life. He presents poems from his cycle I not human, I Kaspar, a short story entitled “Crossing the Border,” and a play about Hauser’s mentor, “Feuerbach, or an Example of a Crime against the Human Consciousness Soul.” These are followed by transcripts of two lectures during the Kaspar Hauser Festival in New York, which reflect on esoteric research in the last twenty years. The volume concludes with short meditations followed by an interview with the author on his biographical connections to the theme.

Inspired by the Kaspar Hauser Festival in Ansbach and the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle, this valuable book offers many imaginative gems for deeper contemplation.

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Kaspar Hauser—Child of Europe, an Essay
Nine Poems
Crossing the Border, a Short Story
“Feuerbach—or an Example of a Crime against the Human Consciousness Soul”
The Unfulfilled Mission of the Hereditary Prince, lecture 1
The Fulfilled Mission of Kaspar Hauser, lecture 2
Four Meditative Veses
Guarding the Guardian, an Interview

Author Bio

ECKART BÖHMER, born in Santiago de Chile in 1966, is the director of the Kaspar Hauser Festspiele in Ansbach, Germany, and a traveling speaker, author, and theater director. After studying theater direction in Ulm, Germany, Böhmer founded his own theater near Ansbach. In 1998, he began the biannual Kaspar Hauser Festspiele in Ansbach. In 2016 he was asked to assume the research of Prof. Hermann Pies, who had spent a lifetime pursuing and studying documents on Kaspar Hauser. He placed this historic legacy into the center of a Kaspar Hauser Research Circle, founded with Richard Steel within the Karl König Institute. Since then, research has been widened and activities have spread to the United States, where regular festivals have been organized on the east and west coasts.

Richard Steel was born in 1952 in Oxford. He trained at the Camphill seminar in Föhrenbühl am Bodensee, where he lived with his family in a household with children and young people. He is an adminstrator for the estate of Karl König and works for the Karl König Archive in Berlin.