Posted: 2020/12/07

Our holiday catalog is now available for download only. Just click on "Catalogs" here or in the main menu and click on the new catalog cover image. There you will see a list of the featured books from the catalog.

You can download the catalog PDF and open it on a computer or device, or view it in your browser by clicking here: read online.

Included are excerpts from these new and forthcoming books: 
  • Rudolf Steiner
    Interdisciplinary Astronomy: Third Scientific Course (CW 323)
  • Rolf Heine
    Anthroposophic Nursing Practice: Foundations and Indications for Everyday Caregiving
  • Ehrenfried Pfeiffer —
    Biodynamic Farming and Gardening: Renewal and Preservation of Soil Fertility
  • Arie Boogert
    What Happens after We Die: Making the Connection between the Living and the Dead
  • Peter Selg & Marc Desaules
    The School for Spiritual Science: Its Significance and Purpose
  • Monique Pommier
    Harmony, the Heartbeat of Creation: The Convergence of Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Physics in the Triune Pulse of Nature’s Forms
  • Jeff Tunkey —
    Educating for Balance and Resilience: Developmental Movement, Drawing, and Painting in Waldorf Education
  • Theresa Roach Melia —
    Scoochie Mouse and the Secret of Life
  • Joel Matthew Park —
    As Above, So Below: Star Wisdom, vol. 3