Posted: 2020/11/11

Following website refreshes during 2020, more features have been added to make searches and browsing more flexible and user-friendly. You will find  new options by clicking on “Search” in the main menu. The options are mostly self-evident, but here are a few suggestions:

  • The order of search results will default to “Release Date,” with the most recent books appearing first. Selecting “Title” will sort books alphabetically, while “Top Sellers” will list books with the bestselling titles at the top of the list.
  • We received numerous requests for a means of searching Rudolf Steiner’s written works and lectures by CW (Collected Works) number. In the search window drop-down menu, select “Subtitle – CW#” and  enter the volume number ("CW 10" for example); the numbers alone will be less accurate. And, of course, you can click on a contributor's name to find all of the books related to that person. We will  continue to refine and develop our website and search functions in the coming months and years. 
  • The “Frontlist” options allow searching for “All” books or “Frontlist only” (books published since 2000).

We hope these improvements  make your visits to our website more informative and enjoyable.

Feel free to contact us to comment or for more information (service@steinerbooks.org).